Branding the IPF Tech Fair 2019

Project name: Creating visuals for the International Plovdiv Fair’s Technical exhibitions in 2019

Project type: Graphic design and visual identity

Challenge: The challenge was to visually connect all five specialized categories, presented within the exhibitions:

    • Auto City Plovdiv – cars, transport, equipment;
    • Eneco – power engineering, ecology, chemistry, water management;
    • Infotech – information and digital technologies;
    • Machine Building – machinery, technology, robots, robotic systems, automation;
    • Stroytech – construction equipment, electrical engineering, materials, tools, technologies.

Process (StyleScapes): 
The project started with a huge research, selecting keywords and finally building and presenting two stylescapes. The stylescapes (or also moldboards) helped us build a main direction in which the brand will develop. They also gave the client the main idea of what we could create for the fair and filled in the “imagination” gap.

Process (Exhibition icons)
After choosing the main visual direction a simple shape was created from parts of the excising logo of the International Plovdiv Fair. This sign was used to combine all 5 exhibitions and made them part of one brand.

Additional icons were made for each exhibitions. The colors were carefully chosen from a matching color palette. Color was the distinctive element in the visual design.

Process (Brandbook and advertising banners)
A visual brand book was made to assist the fair’s design team when creating branded stationary, flyers, etc.
Banners for the Google Adwords campaign and social media designs for each exhibition. And billboard designs put all over town weeks prior the event.
International Plovdiv Tech Fair Rebranding-01
International Plovdiv Tech Fair Rebranding-02